About Us

Vigour Unity International

Started by the end of 2022 in Dubai as a sister company to Vigour unity Egypt, we insist on applying our up-and-coming business model to Dubai, taking into account the essential differences between the two countries.

Vigour Unity International Team

Behind Vigour Unity International sucess story, there is a specialized team of experts in the VRF systems. These team members are the most important asset for our company. We always make sure to build a postive working environment where trust, cooperation, safety, upport, accountability, and equity is always found.

Vigour Unity’s team members are popularly known to be the leaders of installing indoor and outdoor units.

The Vigour Unity creative design for different firms' sites adds personal trust for our clients and success partners.

Our vision

We aim to lead the UAE market in providing energy- efficient HVAC solutions, specifically in the field of VRF and split units air conditioning with Strong presence at the first stage in all projects  mega, medium, to be focusing on small projects and high end projects.

Our mission

Our mission to provide our customers with the best HVAC solutions that ensures they live a luxurious lifestyle. We intend to do that by  the highest level of design & engineering possible to provide temperature control, introduce efficient technologies,  save power and reduce costs to insure the customer high end life.